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The Barbisotti family has been residing in Ghana for 85 years.

The “
M.Barbisotti&Sons Ltd. has been officially estabilished on the 21st of October 1959, by Marco Barbisotti and his son Gianpietro, thus beginning their activity in the building sector.

50 years of continuous growth are a confirmation of the firm’s passion and dedication, that’s strongly proud of its contribution to the development of a country as it is Ghana.

A company capable to put into concrete form big projects thanks to the employment of its greatest resource too: “the people”. M.Barbisotti&Sons Ltd. apart from many plants and equipments, exploits indeed a great staff made up of hundreds employees.

A capillary and forceful managing board completes the lot enabling the Company to have every plan and production phase under control.
Apart from being a great and modern company in the construction sector, the M.Barbisotti&Sons., has been able to diversify and improve its own Core-Business.

This has been possible estabilishing various subdued companies with the intent to face better the present constructive demands.
As a matter of fact belong to the group:
an inert quarry (Mansco Quarry), an hotel developement company (G&I Five Star), a plant for the production of pre-cast slabs for buildings (Predal Systems), a company for the manufactoring of aluminium doors and windows systems (ALCO)and the newbornIBS Group”, company that creates gardens, green areas and pools.

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